That Friday Night!

I thought it was a joke! It was 11 pm Friday night and I was getting ready to go to bed. Little did I know that I was never to see sleep that night when the tragic news came on us like a dark cloud. A dark gloomy cloud so huge that did not have… Continue reading That Friday Night!


With All this Hatred, We Unite!

I am not a political person at all, I dont like to intervene into political discussions; I'm a very peaceful person and believe the best in people despite all the wars and conflicts, but I believe there is something I need to highlight within the situation we currently live in.  For those who have been… Continue reading With All this Hatred, We Unite!

Lessons of Life, Women & Life

Women. We. Unite!

Today at work, I found myself in a room filled with men! I work in a telecommunications company, specifically in the product development team, and¬†its very hard to find women, National or expats, present in such¬†departments! I was called in for a meeting with one of the vendors with the heads of all departments included,… Continue reading Women. We. Unite!