Don’t Lose Yourself in The Midst of Life!

She's imperfect but she tries She is good but she lies She is hard on herself She is broken and won't ask for help She is messy but she's kind She is lonely most of the time She is all of this mixed up And baked in a beautiful pie She is gone but she… Continue reading Don’t Lose Yourself in The Midst of Life!


No One is A One Man Trick!

Everyone believes that they have a specific calling in life, whether they are meant to be singers, business women, corporate workers or teachers, they stick to it for the rest of their life, because they think thats the only thing they will succeed in, or to just avoid the risk of trying something different for… Continue reading No One is A One Man Trick!


3 Secrets to Happiness

So I'm sure you all have read different articles and versions of what people think their secrets to happiness are, extending from personal to professional reasons, but my version includes my top three secrets to happiness in both my personal and professional life. These secrets helped me find my balance in life to become the happiest… Continue reading 3 Secrets to Happiness