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Are Men Really Threatened by Beautiful Women with Brains?

I once read an article that explains why beautiful smart women are the most single in the Arab world. The answer that this magazine gave is because men are most threatened by such women! But let’s take it a step back and see why is it in our societies that we find men threatened by… Continue reading Are Men Really Threatened by Beautiful Women with Brains?

Lessons of Life

Whats Holding me Back?

I want to quit my job! This is not where I want to be! But my burdens are holding me back Forcefully making the decision on behalf of me.. Controlling my mind and body! You cant leave.. we wont allow u! Loans Responsibilities People to feed Home to take care of Why do they control… Continue reading Whats Holding me Back?

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Women. We. Unite!

Today at work, I found myself in a room filled with men! I work in a telecommunications company, specifically in the product development team, and its very hard to find women, National or expats, present in such departments! I was called in for a meeting with one of the vendors with the heads of all departments included,… Continue reading Women. We. Unite!

Lessons of Life

Learn Something New Everyday!

Throughout the past couple of months, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Albert Bamboukian, Milestones Managing Partner. We met while he was giving the training for the certificate of ICPM (International Certificate for Professional Managers).  Even though the training course was focusing mainly on how to become a better manager and leader, one of the… Continue reading Learn Something New Everyday!