About ASMA

My name is Asma Al-Kuwari, and I am from Qatar. I am 26 years old, and I come from a really big family!I have one sister and five brothers, so if anyone messes with me, I have my bodyguards ready =P

I studied Business Administration in Carnegie Mellon-Qatar, and I am crazy about Marketing. I currently work as a Product Manager in one of the telecommunications companies here in Qatar. My job is very creative and innovative, and lets me explore my crazy ideas and bring them to life.

On top of actually loving my job(which I don’t admit to myself all the time), I love to cook, watch movies, hang out with my family, go the gym, and most importantly surf the internet for inspiration!

I LOVE reading stories about people getting inspired and following their dreams, either it be losing weight and getting the body they’ve always dreamed of, opening their own business and succeeding in it, getting over a fear, or even completing a book they have always wanted to finish but couldn’t find the time for it.

These stories move me, because everyone in some point in their life have been in the same position, and by hearing these stories, people can truly believe that they are capable of getting what they want as much as the person in the story can!

I really hope with this website I can help people be inspired in life, and have the courage to become something they’ve always aspire to be….




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