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Are Men Really Threatened by Beautiful Women with Brains?

I once read an article that explains why beautiful smart women are the most single in the Arab world. The answer that this magazine gave is because men are most threatened by such women!

But let’s take it a step back and see why is it in our societies that we find men threatened by such a combination in women?

Let’s classify women in 3 aspects that men divide them into (according to the article, not according to me, as I believe such categorization shouldnt exist in the first place):

Type A:

A Smart but Ugly Woman: If a woman is smart but ugly…. That’s acceptable for men because they feel like they can still control and overrule her, because they believe that woman are not as confident with her beauty..

Type B:

A Beautiful but Stupid Woman: If a woman is beautiful and stupid…. That’s also acceptable because they can always tell her what to do, because they are not threatened by her brains or her ability to be better than them..

Type C:

A Beautiful AND Smart Woman: When a woman is both beautiful and smart…. Then that’s an issue for men, because they afraid to be in a relationship with her, because they believe that they will be questioned by everything they do and be compared to, and are scared that they will not be the upper hand in the relationship, the smarter one, the provider…etc.

But why do men have this need to feel superior to women to be in a happy relationship?

Why won’t men accept the fact that women and men can be intellectually equal, and still be happily married?

Is it society that has built this manhood superiority for the man which assumes that women can never be better than a man when in a relationship?

One of my friends once told me that an older woman told her to act stupid in front of her fiancé (now ex fiancé) so that they can continue to live a happy life together without any issues! Since when should women sacrifice their brains to be in a successful relationship? Society has molded women to always obey and agree to what men have to say, so that she can be called “a good wife”, and men started to believe that this is the ‘correct’ way women should behave, or then she would be called ‘disobedient’.

So men, is it true that you are threatened by a Type C woman?

Comment and share your thoughts! I would love to hear your side of the story…


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