That Friday Night!

I thought it was a joke!

It was 11 pm Friday night and I was getting ready to go to bed. Little did I know that I was never to see sleep that night when the tragic news came on us like a dark cloud. A dark gloomy cloud so huge that did not have an ending to it.

The news shook me like never before….

It was so unimaginable because she was already away on a trip, we were waiting for her to come back the next day, but little did we know that she wasn’t going to come back! It was like she was saying goodbye forever…

That was it…

Just like that…

In a glimpse of an eye!

Her last words in the group were about which dress she should wear for her graduation party. I wish we could change those last words to say something that would make her day, like how much we loved her, or how much we appreciated her!

I never expressed out loud to her that, or the fact that I was so genuinely proud of her for being a fighter her whole life! Fighting her illness, fighting to become the best version of herself!

I never had the time to be there for her, to care for her like she used to care for all of us!

She was the most innocent, loving kind soul anyone could have met, she never held a grudge on anyone, and she always saw the best in people!

We used to criticize her for being too nice and naive with people, but she would always have a smile on her face and say  “but she’s a good person, deep inside”.

I wish I could talk to her right now and just say that I’m so sorry I never told you how much you actually mean to me and how much I’m proud of who you became, because you always used to tell me how proud you were of me, and how I was a role model to you!

You always thought no one loved you, but little did you know that you were loved by every single person you have touched in your life!

I wish you could see the amount of love and affection that just spread throughout the world when the news came out!

You are someone no one will ever forget, because you left a mark on each one of our lives; and that we will cherish forever!

I miss you “A” and I will never forget you!


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