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Women. We. Unite!

Today at work, I found myself in a room filled with men!

I work in a telecommunications company, specifically in the product development team, and its very hard to find women, National or expats, present in such departments! I was called in for a meeting with one of the vendors with the heads of all departments included, which were all men -_-

Why is it that these fields are dominated by men? Women are more than capable of holding such leading positions in technology and innovation!!

When you’re in such a position, you tend to find that your trying to prove yourself not once but twice; as a qualified manager in the corporate world, and as a woman that is as equal to all the men that were sitting in that room!

Unfortunately, this was not the first time that I have been in such meetings, it sometimes gets worse where the number of men in the room increases, but your still the only woman in that room!

Even though I did feel some pressure to prove my presence and the additional value I bring to such meetings, but most importantly  I feel PROUD…

I am proud to prove such stereotypes wrong! Women are as strong, as qualified to hold such tasks and steer such meetings, and most important as strong to control a room filled with men!

Such incidences make me want to work more towards motivating and coaching women, young women in specific, to crash any walls that stand in their way of pursuing their dreams in all fields of life; there is no specific field for one gender or the other..

Lets unite and create a better world for the younger generations; both boys and girls, Girls to work towards an equal opportunity to prove themselves in this brutal world, and for boys to appreciate having leading women in the world in all fields.




2 thoughts on “Women. We. Unite!”

  1. I also work in a male dominated field. Although the general workforce is taking on more women, there are still very few in leadership roles. I actually enjoy the challenge and am fortunate enough to always feel included however I do think mentoring and sponsorship assist greatly in creating a diverse workforce

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