Lessons of Life

Learn Something New Everyday!

Throughout the past couple of months, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Albert Bamboukian, Milestones Managing Partner. We met while he was giving the training for the certificate of ICPM (International Certificate for Professional Managers).  Even though the training course was focusing mainly on how to become a better manager and leader, one of the main points I took out of that course was something he kept repeating over and over again; “Make sure when you go home you have a story to tell”, “Make sure you learn something new everyday”, and “Impress me with something new”.

It’s really important to  learn something new everyday, because the second you stop learning , is the second your life becomes meaningless!

Life is a journey of learning, learning doesn’t have to be something that has to come out of a book or a professional, most of the learning comes from life; from the different people you meet everyday, from the different conversations you have or even hear, from taking a moment to look around and from finding something new that you have never knew existed.

Work on teaching yourself as well as others from the library of life knowledge you have! Trust me it is the wealth of knowledge that everyone strives for!

Life is more than just the daily routine of work, family, and achieving goals…. it’s about the ability to grasp in every moment lived as if it were the last, the ability to broaden your knowledge of life and become the master of your own!

So make sure you learn something new everyday!

ASMA- Be Inspired!


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