No One is A One Man Trick!

Everyone believes that they have a specific calling in life, whether they are meant to be singers, business women, corporate workers or teachers, they stick to it for the rest of their life, because they think thats the only thing they will succeed in, or to just avoid the risk of trying something different for a change.

I ran into a ted talk video the other day for a woman that was saying that you can be amazing doing multiple things and be great at all, there are a lot of people who don’t have an individual calling in life, because their calling in life is to be great in everything they do, thats their gift!

And I truly believe that its not some people, but EVERYONE is able to be great in everything they do. Look at working moms, they are strong independent woman at work, play the role of the housewife with the husband when home, and raising their kids to be the leaders of their generation as well. She can have it all if she puts her mind and heart into it.

We always have this conflict between our minds and hearts, one says something and the other says the opposite, the main trick is to get them to compliment each other rather than compete with each other.

Find that balance between the two that makes the best version of you, a 100 man trick, or I must say a 100 WOMAN trick 😉

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