3 Secrets to Happiness

So I’m sure you all have read different articles and versions of what people think their secrets to happiness are, extending from personal to professional reasons, but my version includes my top three secrets to happiness in both my personal and professional life. These secrets helped me find my balance in life to become the happiest I’ve ever been..

1- Love Yourself For Who You Are: There is only one version of you in life; no one else looks like you, thinks like you, or even acts like you. Whatever life has shaped you to be is a blessing, therefore you should always love yourself for who you are. Of course there are always little bits and pieces that we want to change in ourselves; we want to lose weight, we want to live a healthier life, we want to be richer, or be more outspoken and confident. But at the end, you should always aspire to be a better version of YOURSELF, not someone else. Keep working on you, but NEVER change who you are!

2- Always TRY: As human beings, we fear change and the unknown; we tend to play life safe and careful because we think about the consequences more than the bigger picture. I used to be like that. I hated change and wanted my life to be secure, but that obviously took me nowhere. I was afraid of taking risks in life and trying out new things, but once I started doing so I started living my life! Just put in mind that its better to try than not try at all. Once you do so, all the “what if” questions will stop popping in your head!  Start making small changes in your life by trying something new, like try drinking 2 litres of water a day for one month, or try taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator, and then build yourself to try bigger changes. Trust me, once you start trying, you will never stop!

3- Be Confident in What You Do: People will always talk and gossip about you, whether you did something right or wrong. But sooner or later, they will stop! You will no longer be the hot topic everyone wants to talk about. The key here is to never let peoples talk get to you, because caring about what people say or don’t say will take you nowhere. Always be confident in every step you take! Obviously you have a reason for everything you do, but what you don’t have is time to explain to each and every person the reason behind doing ANYTHING in your life. Its your life and you get to choose wisely how to live it!

Of course there are much more secrets to being happy, but these three points have really made me realise that life is too short to live someones else’s life, to not take risks, or to care about what people think. At the end I hope they’ve made you realise it as well!


Be inspired!


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