Trust Yourself Before Others…

Trust is such a powerful word, its giving all confidence to a person in your life that you’ve felt they’re worthy of. For me, its really hard to trust someone in my life, because once I give them that trust, if used wisely they will definitely know me for who I am, but if not,  can definately destroy me .

Being me, it takes someone to understand me for who I am to be able to earn my trust. Because I bruise easily, I put up this huge wall, where I let nobody in, living in my own world, and I would only open the door to enter the other side of this wall for people who understand and appreciate the fact that I am me. But with what Ive been through in life, and the situations I have dealt with, my wall just kept getting taller and taller, with a smaller door to enter from. I trusted people with all my heart, and from that I ended up getting hurt. It was devastating for me because this was the first time I have trusted someone with my life, and unfortunately ended up being hurt.

From this experience I have learned a lot. First lesson: even though it might be harder for me to trust someone again, I should still keep looking for people who earn my trust and value my presence in their life. Second lesson: from this experience, i learned to become stronger and more confident in myself, to never look back at my past as a failure but a lesson to learn from. And my third and final lesson: don’t trust anyone, trust your own instinct, and act upon it, as you know yourself more than anyone in this world. Learn to trust yourself before trusting someone else.

ASMA, be inspired!

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